Five best slot machine strategies

sIt’s always been believed that slot machines have always been based on nothing but pure luck. This is only somewhat true – there are actually still some methods in which you can increase your chances at winning that one big jackpot.

Slot Machine Principles
Personal Guide to Electronic Slot Machines

Here are five of the best slot machine strategies that you likely never knew existed:


Establish a Betting Pattern

The best way to do this is to start with the lowest possible bet that’s available. When you see yourself losing several spins, increase your bet by one. When you start winning, however, decrease your bet by this same amount. It’s important to note that this specific strategy doesn’t actually guarantee that you’ll win anything; however, it will give you complete control over how much money you have and will pretty much guarantee that you won’t lose everything all at one time.

lemonBigger Jackpots Aren’t Always Better

While the larger jackpots in a lot of casinos always seem unwinnable, it always seems as though the smaller jackpots pay out constantly. Alternatively, in terms of progressive jackpot slots, large amounts of each bet are always placed into the overall jackpot amount; however, in the end, the total payout itself is always generally large.

wmelonAlways Know What the Payouts Are

Reel-based slots have what’s referred to as variant programming, which means that the overall payout percentage could vary with the actual payout percentage amount. This means that if you play on a slot machine that has a 95% payout rate, there are times where it could pay out anywhere from 93% to as high as 97%.

cloverWeigh Your Chances

It’s important to always keep your chances of winning in mind whenever you play. For instance, if the machine you’re playing on is a 3-reel one that has ten stops with each stop having a symbol for the jackpot, this means that three jackpot symbols would line up approximately every 1,000 pulls. When you weigh your chances, you always give yourself more control.

orangeKeep Yourself from Getting Attached

It’s never a good idea to choose a slot machine that you enjoy playing and claim it as your “favorite” one – you could find yourself getting into some trouble if you end up playing on the exact same machine every time you go into a casino. This is because if it begins to treat you badly, you may hesitate to give up, as constantly changing slot machines is a gambler’s main strategy. As a basic rule, always keep going as long as you’re breaking even with the games that you play; however, if this is something that isn’t happening, simply go to a different machine.


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