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Top 3 Slots

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There are thousands of slot games – allgokkasten that are available to play online and you are probably not going to encounter the large majority of these as most people have their favorite games that they tend to stick to. Many of the most popular slot games can be played across a number of different…

Three Tips for Your Gambling Adventures

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I love spending time with my in-laws during the holidays. They enjoy passing out lottery tickets during this time of the year. After the gift exchange, we rush to grab a quarter and a large wastebasket to catch the “ticket confetti” we create while scratching for hidden gems. I cannot forget the time when one…

Five best slot machine strategies

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It’s always been believed that slot machines have always been based on nothing but pure luck. This is only somewhat true – there are actually still some methods in which you can increase your chances at winning that one big jackpot. Slot Machine Principles Personal Guide to Electronic Slot Machines Here are five of the…


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