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There are thousands of slot games allgokkasten that are available to play online and you are probably not going to encounter the large majority of these as most people have their favorite games that they tend to stick to.

Many of the most popular slot games can be played across a number of different platforms and because they are played by more people, the jackpots tend to be higher. However, there are some lesser known games that are still very interesting to play and these sometimes tend to get overlooked.

Some of these types of games are discussed in more detail below. You may not have heard of these games before but they all have very unique features that mean they are some of the most interesting games that can be played online at the moment.

Frog Grog is a very simple game to play but it does not really offer large jackpots and there is no opportunity to win large jackpots. If you are new to playing slots then this is the perfect game to get you started.

The games uses a 5×3 reel and one of the most unique features is the animations which make the gameplay very interesting. The symbols are also not like anything you would find on other slot machines but you should learn what they all mean very quickly.

The main aim of the game is to try and find the frog but there are a lot of other winning combinations. You do not get a huge jackpot with this game but you will find that you do win quite often and these payouts can soon start to add up. There is also a mystery bonus that you can uncover which is very fun.

Wolf Run is available at online casinos that can be played on a desktop or a mobile device but it was originally developed for a land based casino. This game gives you the chance to win a larger jackpot than may be available on other types of slots.

Wolf Run uses a 5×4 reel system and this means that there are 40 different pay lines which gives you a really good chance of winning. If you are looking for a long term profit then the odds for this game will suit you. There are also bonuses that you can take advantage of and side games that are available to play.

Jewel Strike is a game of high volatility which makes it ideal for both beginners and more experienced players. It is a retro games that incorporates a lot of themes that were popular in the 1990s. It is a five real games and there are a range of bonuses including Epic Spins and Colossal Reels which both let you win up to 500 times more than the value of your bet.

If you enjoy playing online slots then it is definitely worth checking these games out. They have features that you may not have encountered in other games and bring something different to the table.

I love spending time with my in-laws during the holidays. They enjoy passing out lottery tickets during this time of the year. After the gift exchange, we rush to grab a quarter and a large wastebasket to catch the “ticket confetti” we create while scratching for hidden gems. I cannot forget the time when one of the kids scratched off a $60 prize and proceeded to throw the winning ticket in the wastebasket. Fortunately, her Uncle intervened and saved the winning ticket. It is extremely rare for one to win big dollars casino with scratch-off lottery tickets.

When everyone is done scratching off their tickets, we are instructed to pass them in. This sounds weird, but there is a logical explanation. We have to consider taxes!

It is imperative to point out that lottery and gambling winnings are taxable. Do you recall that $60 winning ticket? The winner turned it in for $60, but had to add it to their taxable income for the year. It sounds like a bummer, but it actually makes sense. Most income is taxable.

How Are Gambling Winnings Taxed?

Were you aware that you may be able to deduct gambling losses against that income if you itemize? Yes, this is true! If you keep proof (acceptable by the IRS), you may be in position to use your worthless ticket purchases to lower the amount of taxes you owe from the winning ticket. In short, you would be using the tickets with no winning value to offset your winnings. Many shrewd gamblers use this tactic.

Here are three tips that can help you enjoy your gambling adventures:


  • Don’t Spread Yourself Thin

Please keep in mind that the odds are against you. You may be able to write off your lottery ticket purchases as an entertainment expense, but you should not go beyond your financial budget. An old gambler once said, “Don’t chase winnings with money you don’t have to spend.”

  • Tilt the Odds in Your Favor

What do you see when you walk into a casino? I see your hard-earned money being used to furnish free drinks, discounted food, and high-priced suites. Some people find it difficult to accept that most of the games are tilted in the casino’s favor. You should try your luck at games that have better odds. For example, you should learn how to become an exceptional poker player. You will have a better chance of securing consistent winnings!

  • Know Your Tax Rules

If lady luck blesses you with a huge win, the casino or state may be required to withhold income taxes when you get a payout. If you manage to win small amounts, you are responsible for reporting that income and paying the taxes. Hold on to your receipts and losing tickets so that you can potentially use them to offset your winnings throughout the year.

Gambling is exciting, but you must stay disciplined. Uncle Sam is watching you. He wants his share!

sIt’s always been believed that slot machines have always been based on nothing but pure luck. This is only somewhat true – there are actually still some methods in which you can increase your chances at winning that one big jackpot.

Slot Machine Principles
Personal Guide to Electronic Slot Machines

Here are five of the best slot machine strategies that you likely never knew existed:


Establish a Betting Pattern

The best way to do this is to start with the lowest possible bet that’s available. When you see yourself losing several spins, increase your bet by one. When you start winning, however, decrease your bet by this same amount. It’s important to note that this specific strategy doesn’t actually guarantee that you’ll win anything; however, it will give you complete control over how much money you have and will pretty much guarantee that you won’t lose everything all at one time.

lemonBigger Jackpots Aren’t Always Better

While the larger jackpots in a lot of casinos always seem unwinnable, it always seems as though the smaller jackpots pay out constantly. Alternatively, in terms of progressive jackpot slots, large amounts of each bet are always placed into the overall jackpot amount; however, in the end, the total payout itself is always generally large.

wmelonAlways Know What the Payouts Are

Reel-based slots have what’s referred to as variant programming, which means that the overall payout percentage could vary with the actual payout percentage amount. This means that if you play on a slot machine that has a 95% payout rate, there are times where it could pay out anywhere from 93% to as high as 97%.

cloverWeigh Your Chances

It’s important to always keep your chances of winning in mind whenever you play. For instance, if the machine you’re playing on is a 3-reel one that has ten stops with each stop having a symbol for the jackpot, this means that three jackpot symbols would line up approximately every 1,000 pulls. When you weigh your chances, you always give yourself more control.

orangeKeep Yourself from Getting Attached

It’s never a good idea to choose a slot machine that you enjoy playing and claim it as your “favorite” one – you could find yourself getting into some trouble if you end up playing on the exact same machine every time you go into a casino. This is because if it begins to treat you badly, you may hesitate to give up, as constantly changing slot machines is a gambler’s main strategy. As a basic rule, always keep going as long as you’re breaking even with the games that you play; however, if this is something that isn’t happening, simply go to a different machine.


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